Members' Short Story Competition

Our members Short Story competition 2019 was judged by Pam Weaver.

The Results

1st Place - Say Cheese and Smile by Wendy Swarbrick
2nd Place - Just a Song at Twilight by Terrance Brand
3rd Place - Last Ferry to Santa Margherita by Roger Shadbolt
4th Place - Oh! Carol by Cherrie Taylor
Highly Commended - It's Wrong by Stephen Turner


Some general points and observations on the short story competition 2019

The themes running through most of these stories were funerals, death, mediums, adoption, a couple of children’s stories, a love story, holidays and a story set in the ‘50’s. The last time I judged a competition for the club, the topics were almost all death and disaster. Back then I didn’t exactly lose the will to live, but it crossed my mind that whereas these subjects are dramatic, most of us what the feel-good factor after reading a story. This time the subject matter was a lot more varied. Hurrah!
My greatest successes came when I began to write about ordinary everyday problems of life. The stories didn’t have to be rib-ticklingly funny or roll on the floor with laughter types, but about silly things with which we are all familiar. Like trying to find a swim suit that doesn’t make you look like the bin bag ready to go out for the dustman; imaging what it was like for a soldier coming home from war; what to about a wedding suit which gets horribly creased; or how to stop your hubby from snoring to get a good night’s sleep. These are all short stories I have had published. They have probably only got as far as raising a wry smile but they have given the reader that all important feel good factor.
All the entries were very good and it was, and I know it’s a cliché, difficult to choose a winner. I wanted one to leap off the page but instead I had to sleep on it and wake up with one story on my mind. All the stories had good characterisation and were well plotted. Some of the prose was breath-taking. I couldn’t fault any of that. So if you have been unsuccessful this time, don’t lose heart. You story was probably as good as the winner but somebody had to make the choice!