Members' Successes 2017/18


May 2018

Rose Bray - She has been shortlisted for the Strokestown Poetry Festival 20/20 competition in Ireland. This was an interesting competition because the organizers put twenty photographs on the web and you had to write a poem to fit one of them. She was also longlisted for The Steyning Short Story Competition.


April 2018

Richard Buxton - his short story War Hero was published in the US quarterly journal, The Tishman Review Free to read online. (War Hero is on page 114).


March 2018

Kathy Schilbach - won the Writers' Forum flash fiction competition for February with her story 'Ken doll conundrum'. Writing as Kate Finnemore, she has had her Pocket Novel 'Looking For Her' accepted by The People's Friend.

Alison Hawes - has been commissioned to write 6 early readers for OUP. She also has the following books out now - Fish Tank an early non fiction reader for Collins Education
- Photos, Tractor and Imani's Library Book ; all fiction international readers for CUP
- Rags, This is not my pizza!, Men on the Moon,The Thirsty Crow, Dad makes a mistake, a Big Bag of Cash, The Radish Contest, My Holiday, The Best Twin , Bad Cat, The Witch's Kitchen, and Party Games, ; a mix of fiction and non-fiction early readers for OUP

Jilliana Ranicar-Breese - Jilliana’s true life vignette entitled ‘The buck stops here’ was published online by Suzanne Noble’s blog/magazine

Richard Buxton - his short story Little Borthers was published by EarlyWorks Press as part of the anthology 'The Sorcery of Smog.' and his US Civil War novel 'Whirligig' won a silver medal in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards.


February 2018

Kathy Schilbach - writing as Kate Finnemore, has sold her short story entitled Riddle-Me-A-Riddle-O to The People's Friend, and three short stories - Land of Promise, Climbing the Hill, and Keyboard Cat - to My Weekly.

Gerry Thompson - has recently been accepted as a Huffington Post blogger.

Derek McMillan - has a had a story accepted by the American online magazine Rumblefish which is published on 1st February. The story is about a school inspector and it might be tinged by the fact Derek is a former teacher with 32 years experience.

Phil Williams - released his new dystopian adventure novel, "Aftan Whispers", on 16th January, which he discussed in the meeting in November.


January 2018

Jilliana Ranicar-Breese - was published online in the Wearing Wellbeing newsletter/blog devised by Rebecca Weef Smith. The illustrated piece was untitled 'Sultana's Journey'. she also read her Vignettes on Fridays on BHCR 'Your voices matters' at noon where I am the co-presenter.

Suzanne Conboy-Hill - was longlisted with ‘Dancing Her Black Bones Home’ by the Willesden Herald International Short Story Prize.

Wendy Tomlins - had a letter published in The Lady magazine - 8 Dec 2017


December 2017

Sarah Higbee - her new novel 'Dying for Space', which is the sequel to 'Running out of Space', will be published on December 14th and will feature on Lola's Blog Tours from that date onward.


November 2017

Kathy Schilbach - writing as Kate Finnemore, has sold her short story entitled American Dream to The People's Friend.

Richard Buxton - his short story collection 'In the Shadow of the Mountain' was a finalist in the Sunshot Prose Prize.

Liz Eastwood - Liz was the star guest on Your Voice Matters, a Brighton and Hove Community Radio (BHRC) show on 6th October 2017. Also Liz took second prize in the poetry section of the Shoreham Word Fest Slam


October 2017

Kathy Schilbach - writing as Kate Finnemore, has sold three short stories to The People's Friend: That Summer in Greece, Autumn Leaves, and The Gift.

Richard Buxton - short story, Disunion, was published in September as part of the 'Distant Echoes' collection produced by the Historical Novel Society.


September 2017

Richard Buxton - finished 3rd in this year's Exeter Story Prize.

Pat Hopper - her children’s novel “The Urban Witch” has just been published on Amazon.

Tracy Fells - came 2nd in Flash500 quarterly flash comp (winning £200, not a bad return for 500 words!).

Kathy Schilbach - writing as Katie Finnemore, has had her short story Mirror Image accepted by the Australian magazine That's Life.

Phil Williams - his TV Pilot screenplay "Brutal Tower" has reached the Quarter Finals of The Finish Line Script Competition.


Successes in other years