Thursday 13 May 2021

The Art Of The Cartoonist with Harry Venning


SWU Annual General Meeting

 Me In Action 2

Harry Venning has been a professional cartoonist for thirty years, during which time he has provided cartoons for several high profile UK publications (The Guardian, Radio Times) as well as for countless more obscure titles (British Journal Of Wound Care).
He was awarded UK Strip Cartoonist Of The Year for his Guardian strip Clare In The Community, which he adapted into a Radio 4 sitcom.
In The Art Of The Cartoonist Harry will be tracing the history of his profession with examples from early practitioners like Cruickshank and Hogarth, to more contemporary artists such as Giles and Schulz, bringing events right up to date with cartoons produced fresh on the page that day!
Yes, Harry will be drawing live. Prepare to hear some tricks of his trade, learn where to put eyebrows for maximum effect, explore the storytelling potential in juxtaposing images and discover exactly what the eskimo brothers said in The Funniest Joke Ever (possibly).



This meeting with be online via Zoom and open to members & guests only


Clare Int Mens Day



 Review of the Meeting

Harry has wanted to be a cartoonist since he was a small child. His first big commission was from a free weekly newspaper to draw two years’ worth of cartoons in ten days. He worked 18-hour days, invented Dogzilla, and completed 104 cartoons as required. WSW members have heard Harry talk before – he wrote Clare in the Community, first as a strip cartoon for the Guardian, then as a radio sit-com.
Harry took us through the history of cartoons he explained technicalities such as hites, vites and waftaroms, and showed us the work of cartoonists he particularly admired.


Finally Harry told us there is a Silver Jubilee edition of Clare in the Community cartoons, find it at

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