Thursday 10 February - Hybrid - Live & Zoom


Characterisation with Sarah Palmer

Sarah Palmer web

If you think about your favourite story - maybe it's a novel, film, play or epic poem - what was it you most loved? In the majority of cases, it will have been one or more of the characters: Anna Karenina; the unnamed narrator in Anna Burns' Milkman; Rose Tremain’s Merivel (Restoration); Reginald Perrin; Miranda July’s Cheryl Glickman (The First Bad Man); Babette (Babette’s Feast); Saga and Martin in The Bridge

In this workshop we’ll explore how to create complex but compelling characters you will want to develop. And why these complexities drive stories forward.

Sarah Palmer is an editor and creative writing tutor. She teaches creative writing at GBMet in Worthing, on the University of Brighton 10-week short courses, and also runs one-to-one novel-writing sessions.