13 October 2022

Write a Press Release Right - with Michael Wearing

Michael WearingFormer Metropolitan Police officer Michael Wearing will reveal how the national newspaper scoop came about .

Both his parents were respected local journalists in south east London and his talk will focus on writing press releases so they become interesting, newsworthy stories.

Mr Wearing said: "Michael Fagin broke into Buckingham Palace in July 1982 and sat on the Queen’s bed. It has been a closely guarded secret who provided the remarkable inside information that made front page news around the world."

He said he knows 'the story behind the story' and will tell all during his talk Write a Press Release Right.

Mr Wearing retired from the Metropolitan Police in 2007 after 30 years and is now a published author. His book How to Reduce Crime and Catch Criminals is being used by police officers from all over the country. He is also the group’s publicity officer and is currently writing his autobiography.