Life Writing

Thursday 11 July 2013 @ Heene Gallery, Worthing

Have you ever considered life writing?  In July the WSW is addressing this issue with three speakers

Bob Wragg will recount his experiences in writing the memoirs of an old soldier, culminating in a published book. 

Sarah Higbee will be discussing the forms life writing can take – many of us are blogging or thinking about taking the plunge – so she will also talk about issues to consider before opening your everyday/family life to the public gaze, or sitting down to write your journal/autobiography. 

Heather Reay will be talking about how and where to go gathering source materials and managing your material, as well as the options open to you in presenting your life – it doesn’t have to start at your birth and work through your experiences in strict chronological order.   So if you’ve ever thought about keeping a creative journal, writing down your own experiences, publishing a relative’s extraordinary life, or starting up a blog – come along.