Deep Character with Trish Nicholson

Thursday 9 October 2014 @ Heene Gallery, Worthing

Trish Nicholson


In her workshop Trish will show how to create deep characters to build a protagonist’s capacity for transformation, and to engage readers. Brief readings and discussion analyse the various ways of portraying character, before exploring the technique of ‘interrogation’ to reach the deeper levels of a character’s experience and motivation. The workshop concludes with examining ways to use this ‘character knowledge’ to create tension, irony, and justification in a story.

Dr Trish Nicholson began a 30-year writing career as columnist, feature writer and author. Her work has been published, among others, by W.H.Allen and Routledge. She has written prize-winning short stories, travelogues and books on writing, and is currently published by Collca. Her latest titles include: Inside Stories for Writes and Readers; Writing Your Nonfiction Book: the complete guide to becoming an author and From Apes to Apps: how humans evolved as storytellers and why it matters.