An Interview with Lesley Thomson

Thursday 9 April 2015 @ Heene Gallery, Worthing


Lesley Thomson`Lesley Thomson is a class above' - Ian Rankin

Lesley is the author of A Kind of Vanishing, Ghost Girl, The Detective's Daughter and The Detective's Secret, and also teaches creative writing at West Dean.
Lesley will be interviewed by Lisa Holloway, presenter of Brighton's The Space. Lesley and Lisa will discuss a number of topics including Lesley's use of place both in the past and the present, themes that she explores: loss, class, relationships with family, surveillance, betrayal, our lives as reality and fiction, and how crime fiction makes all of this possible. Also the realities of being a writer, having the time and space and some financial freedom. Lisa helped Lesley to apply for an Arts Council grant in order to write a draft of Ghost Girl.