Poetry with John McCullough

Thursday 14 July 2016 @ Goring Methodist Church Hall, Worthing

John McCollugh


John McCullough makes a return trip to speak to the group about Spacecraft and his poetry adventures. Hopefully there will be time for him to include a short poetry workshop.


Review of the meeting

This meeting was a battle with the weather and it appears that to some extent the weather may have won. Despite the sunny start outside the meeting had a bright and fun feel throughout. John started by talking about the factors that need to be considered when writing poetry and went on to talk briefly about his newly published collection. This is titled Spacecraft, not a collection of SciFi poems as some may suspect, but relating to one important element from his list; that of space in a poem.

His talk was interspersed with excerpts from his poems. This led to a short workshop where he encouraged members to use one word from a list he supplied to create a poem. It was interesting to hear from some non-poets during the tea break that this had sparked ideas and may lead to further poems.

The meeting continued after the break with a reading from John's new collection, with annotated comments and a number of questions from the audience. So many that we were unable to hold the planned Open mic session at the end - oh well, there's always next time.