Writing Online: Paid Content and Communities with Phil Williams

Thursday 12 January 2017 @ Goring Methodist Church Hall, Worthing

Phill Williams

Freelance writer, editor and tutor Phil Williams will be giving a talk on the modern world of online writing, covering writing and selling non-fiction articles and interacting with online writing communities.

Thanks to the internet, people are now writing more than ever. Website owners consider top quality writing a priority – whatever their subject matter. There are countless opportunities for writers of all forms, and communities are increasingly available for writers to work together, whether you want editorial advice, events information or leads for work.
Phil Williams has worked as a freelancer for the past 5 years, writing, editing and tutoring online. He has written for businesses, self-published books and managed a series of successful websites. In this talk, he will explore the changing landscape of the writing world: how the internet has made it possible to get paid for a huge range of writing, and how to find such opportunities. He will also cover how to write effectively for an online audience, and where to find communities for sharing and improving your writing.

The talk will include a Q&A which Phil encourages members to prepare questions for.

Review of the meeting

Writing Online: Paid Writing and Peer Review

Despite the somewhat seasonal weather that precluded the evening, a small number of members and a couple of guests made it to the meeting. Soon all thoughts of the weather was a memory as Phil took us through the development and present options for writing online. Discussing such topics as SEO, how to avoid getting fleeced, ways to make your online articles more saleable, building your own platform and ways to find online work. He also covered the benefits and how to get known in the Peer Review community.

All this was complimented with some detailed responses to questions from the members with our tea/coffee and delicious cake (thanks again to Alison).

Many thanks to Phil who has made his PowerPoint presentation into a pdf, which is available on the members' section of the WSW Website.


You can view or download here the presentation given by Phil Williams on Writing Online. This includes paid writing and peer review