Thursday 10 May 2018

Collaborative Scriptwriting with Julie Everton & Josie Melia

 Have you ever thought about collaborating with another writer on a project? What are the pros and cons of this process and what can we learn about ourselves as writers by working closely with someone else? Julie Everton and Josie Melia will talk about how they co-wrote their play ‘The Bombing of the Grand Hotel’ based on a real life event within living history in their own home town. They will discuss their process from having the initial idea together, through interviews and research, developing dramatic characters, storylines and dialogue and bringing it to the stage.  

Josie Melia has also written ‘What Would Helen Mirren Do?’  ‘Feis’ (UK Film Council award) and plays performed at Theatre 503, Brighton and Steyning Festivals, NYT Festival and more.

Julie Everton has also written plays for Royal Court Theatre, Soho Theatre, Chelsea Centre Theatre, TV and radio. She is currently senior lecturer in scriptwriting at Brighton University.